Make practically any audio system wireless with pristine wired-quality sound fidelity

Future-proof and extend the life of the audio and speaker systems that you already own

Wirelessly send the audio from any Bluetooth-equipped smartphone, tablet or computer to:

  • PC speakers
  • Bookshelf stereos
  • Speaker docks originally designed for Apple iPods
  • Sound bars
  • Car audio systems
  • Powered speakers
  • PA systems
  • Headphones

Simply connect WaveJamr to your audio system's line-in or docking port and enjoy your music, movie soundtrack, audio books or game audio wirelessly from up to 50 feet away. WaveJamr doesn't use batteries, or require charging, so it's incredibly small and lightweight - easy to take anywhere.

Delivers superb, wired-quality audio when used with any device supporting the A2DP and/or aptX protocols - this includes desktop, laptop and tablet computers, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smart phones, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod and Bluetooth-enabled game systems.

How It Works

WaveJamr was designed to be flexible

Direct 30-pin

Transfers audio and power through the 30-pin connector found on popular speaker docks. Please refer to our compatibility list to verify direct dock functionality.


Transfers audio through the included 3.5mm cable. Power is supplied through the 30-pin connector - either by docking the WaveJamr, or via a typical 30-pin to USB cable connected to a power source.

Optional All-In-One Cable

Transfers audio and power through our optional 30-pin line-out USB cable. Power is supplied via any USB power source (charger, battery power bank, etc) and audio is delivered through the cable's 3.5mm jack.

How WaveJamr Stacks Up

Feature Comparison Chart

Product Comparison RadTech
Docks & Works with all 12v FireWire Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - X -
Docks & Works with 90% of 5v USB Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - - X
Works with Practically Every System Ever Made with Optional Accessories X X X - X
Docks & Works with Bose Portable and other Battery-Powered Speaker Docks w/o any Extra Components X - - X X
Built-In Female 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack X X X - X
Hi-Fi A2DP 1.2 w/aptX CODEC X - - - X
Bluetooth Version 4 + aptX Technology Deliverers True
Wired-Quality Sound
X - - - X
Next Gen CSR8645 Stereo ROM
CD Quality Audio Reproduction
X - - - X
No Batteries or Charging Required X - - X -
No Wall Plug or External Power Needed for Most Applications* X - - X X
Works in any Vehicle with an Aux-In Audio Port - Land, Sea or Air* X - - - X
Works with any Home Audio or Powered Speaker System* X X X X X
Automatically Routes Phone Calls Back to the Handset for Privacy X X X - -
No Complicated Buttons or Controls X - - - -
Automatically Reconnects if You Move Out of Range and Then Return X - - - X
Pass Multiple Drop & Crush Tests X - - - X
Tested Wireless Range - Open Air 58 Feet 15 Feet 18 Feet 34 Feet 29 Feet
Size and Weight 42x36.5.3x9.5mm
12 grams
36 grams
204 grams
14 grams
19 grams
List Price $39.95 $49.99 $49.99 $39.99 $49.99
Warranty / Tech Support Lifetime 1 year 4 months 1 year 3 years